Transforming energy through a Hydrogen Economy

Photo by Vlad Busuioc on Unsplash

How can hydrogen be used for daily energy consumption ?

Three of the biggest contributors to global warming are without a doubt: electricity, heat and transportation. Hydrogen can transform these major sources of daily used energy completely.

  • In generation of energy: electricity could be produced from hydrogen.
  • In the built environment: buildings could be heated through adapted systems.
  • In transport hydrogen: fuel-cell cars could drive a major transformation.

What is the hydrogen economy ?

The hydrogen economy is a revolutionary way of using and producing energy by transforming hydrogen into a secondary source of energy used for creating electricity.

What are the advantages of a hydrogen economy ?

The hydrogen economy is without doubt the most promising global energy system with no harmful emissions produced. Adapting to a hydrogen economy would bring various benefits with it such as:

  • Reduction of carbon emissions
  • Clean source of energy
  • Reduction of air pollution
  • Fossil Free source of energy

What is the importance of hydrogen ?

Hydrogen used in highly efficient fuel cells, could prove to be the answer to our world’s growing concerns about energy security, urban pollution and climate change.



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Stefanie Behrendt


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